How To Set Up Local SEO & Optimize A Google Business Page

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In today's digital age, your Google Business Profile is the equivalent of a welcoming storefront for your brick-and-mortar store or the face of your online business. It's often the very first interaction potential customers have with your brand.

The key to optimizing your profile is to demonstrate your authenticity as a business. Google prioritizes real, legitimate businesses, and our goal is to strengthen that perception. The more real you can make you business look to Google, the higher it will rank. Lets dive in!

Add Services and Products

Ensure your Google Business Profile comprehensively lists all services and products you offer, incorporating relevant keywords that your potential customers are likely to use. Start with your primary offerings but also expand to include services that similar businesses, especially those ranking higher than you, offer. This can improve your visibility in those searches.

Additionally, draw inspiration from national brands in your industry. Their highlighted services often reflect high search volumes, providing insight into what customers value. Incorporating these services, as long as they align with what you offer, can enhance your business’s visibility to those searching for these popular services.

Add Specific Locations

Expanding your location listings can significantly impact your local SEO. It's essential to list every city where you conduct business. If possible, create individual landing pages for each location. This not only assists Google in recognizing and prioritizing your business for specific local searches but also improves your relevance to the targeted demographics.

For ideas on what locations to list, analyze your competitors, especially those who rank higher than you. This can give you insights into effective SEO strategies for location-based search optimization.

Hours: Relevant and Consistent

Maintaining accurate and consistent business hours is vital. If feasible, list your business as open 24 hours. Google may prioritize your business in searches outside of typical business hours, offering a competitive edge. This strategy is especially beneficial if your target audience seeks services during late nights or early mornings when competitors are closed.

Add Social Media

Active social media profiles are crucial for business growth and are positively viewed by Google. While it's not explicitly stated by Google, having updated social media profiles included in your business profile suggests to Google the authenticity and seriousness of your business. Ensure your profiles on platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and TikTok are current and linked to your Google Business Profile. This demonstrates to Google a comprehensive online presence, enhancing the legitimacy of your business.

Add Photos

Regularly adding photos to your Google Business Profile is a key strategy to enhance user engagement. High-quality, relevant images can significantly improve the visual appeal of your listing, making it more attractive to potential customers. Whether it's showcasing your products, your team in action, or the ambiance of your physical location, these images help to tell the story of your business and make your profile stand out.

Engage with Reviews

Your engagement with reviews on your Google Business Profile is vital. Although Google wont admit that this boosts your rankings, a few studies show that this does help. At the least, this is just good business practice and shows a commitment to customer engagement.

Positive Reviews: A simple "Thank you for your kind words, [Reviewer’s Name]! We’re thrilled you enjoyed [specific service/product] and can't wait to welcome you back."

Negative Reviews: A thoughtful "We apologize for any inconvenience, [Reviewer’s Name]. Please reach out to us at [contact information], so we can make things right."

Neutral Reviews: An encouraging "Thank you for your feedback, [Reviewer’s Name]. We’re always looking to improve and would love to hear more about how we can make your next visit even better."

Actively engaging with reviews shows that your business values customer feedback and is committed to continuous improvement, which can lead to better customer relationships and enhanced online reputation.

Regular Updates

Consistency is key in keeping your Google Business Profile engaging. Regular updates with posts about current promotions, upcoming events, or new product launches not only provide fresh content for your audience but also signal to search engines that your business is active, which can help increase your visibility. Such engagement is essential for attracting local traffic and keeping your business relevant in the digital space.

Listing on Local Directories

To boost your local SEO, it’s crucial to have your business listed on all relevant local directories. A consistent presence across these platforms can significantly enhance your visibility. Make sure your business name, address, and phone number (NAP) are identical on each site for the best results. Here are some platforms to consider:

  • Yelp
  • Bing Places for Business
  • Apple Maps
  • Yellow Pages
  • Google My Business
  • TripAdvisor
  • Foursquare
  • Facebook Places
  • Local Chambers of Commerce
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Competitive Analysis

Gaining insights into your competitors' strategies is pivotal for carving out your own space in the market. Utilizing the right tools to analyze and adapt your tactics can provide that competitive edge.

Google Trends: This tool allows you to observe the popularity of search queries in Google across various regions and languages. It provides a snapshot of what's trending, helping you to identify and react to changes in consumer search behavior. Use Google Trends to discover which services or products are gaining traction in your area and consider adjusting your offerings accordingly.

Semrush: Semrush is an advanced marketing tool that enables you to delve into your competitors' SEO tactics. With it, you can see the keywords they're ranking for, the kind of content they're creating, and how their online visibility compares to yours. While Semrush is a paid service that may be considered pricey for some, we at Cascade Web Solutions include Semrush research as part of our client services. This means our clients have the advantage of comprehensive SEO research to ensure they're ranking for the terms that will drive their business forward, without the additional cost.


Local SEO is an ongoing endeavor that can significantly benefit your business. By following the strategies outlined in this guide, you can improve your local search rankings, attract more customers, and ultimately grow your business. Stay consistent, monitor your results, and adapt as needed to stay ahead in the local SEO game.

Post was last updated on: 2023-12-13
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