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As we demonstrate through the data below, a delay of even a few seconds can drastically decrease conversion rates and negatively impact your bottom line, which is why we chose to solve this issue for our customers in a new and unique way.

Traditional web development agencies use platforms like WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace, which often fall short when it comes to speed and performance for their users on mobile. Our modern web development tools dramatically improves site speed, enabling you to secure a competitive edge and claim untapped revenue. Below, we go into detail on how we not only resolved this issue, but how our methods and tools can generate far more revenue for you and your business.

Our Website's Mobile Loading Speeds (1.9s)

Image showing Cascade Web Solutions's site loading in 1.9 seconds on mobile devices

Our Competitor's Mobile Loading Speeds (6s)

Image showing Cascade Web Solutions's Competitor's site loading in 6 seconds on mobile devices

mobile usage & Website Speed

In the digital era, speed is not just a luxury - it's a necessity for modern websites and applications. A staggering 56% of online users, as of September 2023, are accessing websites through their mobile devices.1 This evolution of digital habits isn't just a passing trend, but an indication of where the future is heading and where business need to be moving towards. Now, more than ever, if your website doesn't load fast and perform exceptionally on mobile devices, you risk losing out on more than half of your potential customers and exposing yourself to conversion rates two to three times lower than if your customers were interacting with a fast site.

Research indicates that Google, the world's leading search engine, is increasingly prioritizing speed in its ranking algorithms. The search giant aims for a page load time of less than three seconds. Yet, the reality for many websites is far from this ideal. The average load time on mobile devices hovers around a staggering 15.3 seconds.2 This discrepancy leaves a vast chasm between user expectations and their actual online experiences, resulting in countless lost conversion opportunities.

To further put this into perspective, consider this: 47% of customers expect a web page to load in two seconds or less.3 The impact on conversion rates is even more profound. The conversion rate can plummet to less than 0.6% if the load time reaches or exceeds 5.6 seconds. That's an alarming statistic that could potentially translate to thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars in lost revenue.4

Crunching the Numbers

Let's delve into a practical example to illustrate the significance of site speed based on initial paint (load) time per research conducted this year. Picture two websites, Site A and Site B, both attracting 1,000 viewers last month with a product/service that profits $50 when sold/booked. However, Site A loaded in a swift 1 second with an average conversion rate of 3%, while Site B lagged behind at 4.5 seconds with a conversion rate of 0.6% like in our example above with our competitor's site. The result? Site A managed to convert 30 customers, while Site B mustered only 6 conversions. Site A is nearly 5 times more likely to convert and allowed that company to generate $1,200 more in revenue as a result of using our website due to the load time being significantly faster.4

Image showing Cascade Web Solutions's site loading in 0.6 seconds on desktop
Image showing Cascade Web Solutions's site loading in 2 seconds on desktop
How we fixed this
The solution to boosting site speed and performance is not a mysterious formula, but a forward-thinking approach to web development. We've found our answer in Next.js, a powerful JavaScript framework. More than just a tool, Next.js represents a modern, optimized approach to creating seamless, user-friendly websites that deliver on speed and performance.
Next.js isn't merely an incremental improvement over conventional website development technologies—it's a giant leap forward. It uses intelligent techniques to ensure your website is lightning-fast, reliable, and ready to handle the demands of today's users. This results in a dramatically improved user experience, increased conversion rates, and better SEO performance.
For those interested in the technical details, Next.js shines with features like Server Side Rendering (SSR) and Static Site Generation (SSG). SSR allows the server to pre-render a page into HTML on each request, ensuring that your website content is immediately available to users and search engine crawlers alike. SSG, on the other hand, generates HTML pages during build time, significantly reducing the workload on your server and increasing your site's speed. Furthermore, Next.js optimizes your images through compression and lazy loading, only loading them as they appear in the user's viewport. It also enables efficient loading of JavaScript, only loading it on scroll after the initial render. This combination of features and techniques results in dramatically improved site performance that can give your business the edge in today's competitive digital landscape.5

Our Website's Desktop Loading Speeds (0.6s)

Image showing Cascade Web Solutions's site loading in 1.9 seconds

Our Competitor's Desktop Loading Speeds (2s)

Image showing Cascade Web Solutions's site loading in 1.9 seconds

Unclaimed Revenue: The Cost of Slower Websites

In the race for digital dominance, speed is the one attribute that can make or break your success. The chilling reality is that many businesses are unknowingly leaving substantial amounts of revenue on the table by companies making slower, cookie-cutter websites built using conventional platforms like WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace. While these may seem user-friendly and easily reproducible, they fail to leverage advanced technologies that are essential for superior speed and performance. Every second your website takes to load is a tick on the clock that sends your potential customers elsewhere, allowing your competitors to swoop in. The formula is simple: slower websites are outperformed in ranking, user experience, and conversions - every single time. It's not merely about losing out on a single sale; it's about jeopardizing the sustainability and growth of your business in an increasingly digital world.
Image showing Cascade Web Solutions's site loading in 1.9 seconds
Image showing Cascade Web Solutions's site loading in 1.9 seconds
Your website speed is a critical factor that directly influences your bottom line. It's time to stop leaving money on the table and start capitalizing on the benefits of a fast, efficient website built with Next.js by Cascade Web Solutions.

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Our mission is clear and uncomplicated - we are committed to delivering a robust website that provides tenfold value to our customers. We do this not just by outpacing the competition in terms of speed and rankability, but also by ensuring that you reap the maximum benefits from your online presence. Our team excels in design, customer support, and resource allocation. We're not just keeping up with the digital landscape; we're constantly pushing the boundaries, staying at the cutting edge of technology.

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