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Our Extra Pages service meets your growing business needs head-on, providing a cost-effective solution to augment your offerings without necessitating a full package upgrade. This flexible, flat-rate service lets you add individual pages whenever you need.

Additional web pages do more than expand your digital space; they're key to improving your site's SEO. With more relevant content, your visibility increases. Our Extra Pages service enables strategic, incremental growth of your online presence, bolstering your website's reach, potential impact, and search engine rankings.

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At Cascade Web Solutions, our wireframing process begins by taking the valuable information provided by our clients and transforming it into an initial visual mockup. This crucial step allows us to create a structured layout that focuses on the user experience and showcases the essential elements of the website. By starting with a wireframe, we ensure that we're building a solid foundation for the design, based on your unique business needs and goals.

Once the wireframe is complete, we will be in contact with you for your initial thoughts. As we progress through the subsequent steps of the development process—initial build, testing and feedback, and finally, the launch—we'll continue to work closely with you, ensuring that your website is a true reflection of your vision and objectives.

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